Chocolaterie Smet will be open during the holidays!

Dear customer,
Herewith we are pleased to inform you that, like last years:


Chocolaterie Smet will be open during the holidays!
There is no summer close down, so our customer service department can be reached as normal

and we will be able to deliver your orders from our stock/warehouse.


However, please be aware of the fact that some of our production plants and suppliers will be

closed during the summer period, in different weeks. Since we absolutely want to avoid out of stocks and we want to supply you full service during the summer, we kindly request that if you need orders/deliveries, private label products or large quantities before, during or directly after the summer holidays, to send these orders to us before Friday June 17th  .


On all orders received before this date, we can guarantee that we can deliver full service during

the months July and August.


Orders received after this date will be delivered from our stock if available. We assume you understand our position.


We are looking forward to receive your information and orders. In case you have any questions, or for specific products, and quantities please do not hesitate to contact us at: +32 3 311 7000.


If you are not the correct person to receive this information, please forward it to the responsible colleague.


Best regards,