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22 Mar

The Chocolate Straw

THE PROBLEM We use more than 500 Million Plastic Straws Every Day. Many of those plastic straws end up in our oceans, polluting the water and harming sea life. If we don’t act now, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. The environment secretary, Michael Gove, has argued with a

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30 Aug

Important guests at Smet Asia


Smet Asia has been paid the compliment of a visit by none others than the Belgian ambassador, Deputy of Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT) and the governor of Indonesia.

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01 Feb

Smet at ISM 2017


Smet had a successful week at the ISM in Cologne. We showed a lot of new hollow figurines and new chocolate decorations.

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28 Nov

New Recipes online

Check out the latest recipes we’ve added to the site created by Maarten Jordaens. Go to menu: products and select “Recipes” below the menu selection.

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09 May

Chocolaterie Smet will be open during the holidays!

Dear customer, Herewith we are pleased to inform you that, like last years:   Chocolaterie Smet will be open during the holidays! There is no summer close down, so our customer service department can be reached as normal and we will be able to deliver your orders from our stock/warehouse.   However, please be aware

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